Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crotchless Panties For Preteens?

When Halloween came around I thought it was ridiculous the outfits they had for preteen girls. Petite dresses that barely cover their butt. What parent is letting their daughter run around dressed as a Naughty Witch? My mother would of beat me if I ran around in stuff like that. I was appalled that these places would even carry things like that for girls that age. I thought that was a new low for stores. Then I seen this story on AOL News. I copied it from the Huffington Post.

Crotchless panties at a children's store? Nope, we're not kidding:

Erin French, a mom in Greeley, Colo., and her children entered a store this week called Kids N Teen, where French discovered several pairs of crotchless thongs displayed near the selections of kids' merchandise, Colorado's 9 News first reported.

"[The store has] cuddly little backpacks, and pretty little princess dresses," French told the station, after she made the discovery. She captured video of the panties with a cellphone camera.

The owner told the station that the store sells mostly kids' products, but that a small portion of the merchandise is geared toward teens. The shop has since pulled the panties from shelves, 9 News reports.

But it's too late, because news of the kiddie lingerie has already hit the Internet. The Heckler Spray blog wonders: "The owner of Kids N Teen says that 25% of her merchandise is actually for teens, which explains the whole crotchless knickers thing, right? Wait. Are they saying that it is okay for minors to buy crotchless knickers? Is that what's going on here?"

Jezebel points out that the panties looked small in the footage, but "If the underwear that's obviously meant to be used during sex was intended for a 14-year-old's wardrobe, that's a different story." We definitely agree; it's hard to argue that adult products like this should be displayed on the counter for teens to purchase at the mall.

This isn't the first time underwear for kids has come under fire for being too provocative. This summer, a French line called Jours Apres Lunes controversially hawked bras and panties for girls ages four to twelve ("filles" and "femmes") and a "loungerie" line for girls ages three months to 36 months ("bebes").

See screenshots and watch the video from Colorado's 9 News below:

 Can I just use a little profanity and say WHAT THE HELL!? We wonder why teen pregnancy is on the rise... I think I am starting to get a good idea why. Seems like society is almost advocating it. 14 year old girls do not need crotchless panties. They just started high school, the last thing they need to worry about is getting their V-Card punched. We are suppose to live in a progressive nation. It is not the 1400's anymore. 15 year old girls should not be worrying about getting married and sex. I honestly do not approve of or accept this "young love" era. Statistically 50% of teenage marriages end within about 15 years. Teen brides and mothers are also at higher risk for being abused and living at poverty levels. We all know what that leads too. Raising the next Charles Manson. I believe I have shown my disgust towards Kids N Teen and their distasteful delicates directed at teens. Which completes my purpose for the day. Maybe I took it a tad to far but that's my modus operandi.

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  1. OMG!!!! What sick and twisted parent is buying and dressing their child up to be a 14 year old hooker/stripper? Seriously people take a reality check and look at what you have your kids wearing.. My dad flipped out over dark brown lip stick... I could only imagine what would have happen if I went the other way and wore shorts that show the bottom inch of my ass. Ugh